Jar of Arts is a Performing Arts Studio offering life skill workshops for young people. We offer strategies so children, tweens and teens are empowered to find confidence in themselves. It’s all about making sense of the world through creative thinking, play and imagination!

Performing Arts Workshops for

Young People

Imagine having a safe space to explore your creative potential. Somewhere to unplug from social media and connect with friends who share a joy for drama, singing and dancing. Jar of Arts is running weekly workshops for young people to create ideas, express their views and perform to each other. We focus on a fun Theatre Arts environment - there’s no pressure here - it’s all about building self-esteem and exploring our imagination.

Term 3 Timetable:

Monday Afternoons (Casa Blanca Centre)

3:30-4:20pm: Daredevils (Y1-4) $85 per term

4:30-5:15pm: VOCAL GROUP (Primary) $60 per term/$30 if enrolled in another class

Saturday Mornings (Fitzgerald St Studio)

9:00-10:00am: Innovators (Year 5+) $95 per term

*Contact me directly for a trial/mid-term/late enrolments

JOA runs an 8 week term for Term 3, 2019

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Workshops for Daredevils are playful and spirited. Students ignite creative thinking and explore skills of voice and movement in a cooperative space. Activities are structured and role-play is guided.

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There is no greater joy than the opportunity to sing with others!

Singing is a physical expression (it's the only instrument that's part of our body). This vocal group is about connecting with the body to build upon the way we communicate and developing our creative expression in a nurturing environment.

We're going to start relatively simply: We'll look at breath control, techniques around maintaining pitch, articulation, rhythm and expression in song.

- 45 minute sessions (warm-ups, exercises, 2 repertoire choices)

- Monday 4:30-5:15pm

- 8 week term (late enrolments accepted)

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Innovators will challenge themselves through experimenting with skills of characterisation and stagecraft. Workshops are dynamic - students collaborate to develop skills of ensemble story telling and build confidence in their own creative expression. No prior experience required.

A story about why Jar of Arts is here…

I grew up in the wheatbelt and was lucky to have a Mum who was dedicated to making the hour and a half round trip to take me to weekly piano lessons. I was always itching to be involved in anything related to performing arts, so I leapt out of my skin when I heard there was an opportunity for me to be involved in the local repertory show.

After months of rehearsals, learning my lines, music and routines I was chomping at the bit to get to opening night. The excitement of dress rehearsals was upon me when I lost my voice the day before the production. No sound but a hoarse whisper.

I mouthed and lip synced the entire show… but I still loved every minute.

It didn’t matter that I’d lost my voice and my performance didn’t go to plan because I’d already gained so much from the experience. I’d learnt to work within an ensemble, I’d jumped into the shoes of another person from another time and I’d found a community that I understood. Performing Arts and creative thinking are important for young people to learn skills they can apply to the wider world. It’s not just about looking pretty on stage.

This is why Jar of Arts is here. It’s a chance to get busy in a workshop and practise all the skills of creative thinking to apply them to all aspects of life. There is always a product as a result of hard work- but unless we focus on the process, we can’t quietly improve. 

Creative thinking will launch young people into their futures with confidence. As the onslaught of technology and social media continues, they need a space re-connect, ponder and laugh. I hope Jar of Arts can provide that to them.

Michelle B

About the Creative Director

Michelle believes in the power of the process of drama – and all the wonderful things that occur as a result of using our imagination and stimulating our minds to think creatively.  She is passionate about promoting a growth mindset and implementing visible thinking strategies so young people can challenge themselves to be curious about the world, adopt skills to problem solve and be life long learners. A teacher for over 15 years, Michelle understands that all brains are unique: she has lead gifted and talented programs, studied learning disabilities and targeted literacy needs in students. She grew up studying voice and piano and later completed a certificate in Music Theatre from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Michelle has performed in national choirs, musicals, plays, directed theatre in education programs, implemented regional arts festivals and is currently learning jazz piano! Being a new Mum herself, Michelle’s belief in empowering young people grows by the day. Michelle is a registered teacher with TRBWA and holds a current Working With Children Check and National Police Clearance.

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School Based Workshops


Coming to a classroom near you!

Contact Jar of Arts directly for more information and rates on our school based workshops. Available for both Primary and Secondary students, use our workshops to extend creative thinking skills.

Workshops will be tailored to the needs of the group, provide links to curriculum (Arts, English, HSS), ideas for assessment and resources for extension and follow-up.


- Extend thinking around a current theme or classroom focus

- Hook pre-readers as you launch a novel study

- Ignite thinking around techniques in a picture book or poetry

- Spark ideas for creative writing

- Investigate character in-depth

- Visit a moment in history in - role

- Interrogate an important issue in a practical forum

- Unplug with relaxation, listening and mindfulness

- Connect and improve group cohesion

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Want to stage something? Contact us for consultation rates to help you take your ideas from page to stage!


Creative Director - Michelle Bambling

0428 897 807


Term 3 Workshops in Geraldton

MONDAY AFTERNOONS are held at the Casa Blanca Function Centre, 230 Eighth St

SATURDAY MORNINGS are held at Fitzgerald Street Studio, 80 Fitzgerald St,

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Frequently Asked Questions 

+ What happens in a Performing Arts workshop?

Performing Arts Workshops will include a mix of script work and improvisation, character study and storytelling, voice and singing, movement and choreography. We'll learn terminology and skills relevant to the study of Performing Arts, warm-ups and skills relating to voice and movement, role play activities and team building games. Sessions will be tailored to age and experience.

+ What will I gain from these workshops?

Jar of Arts aims to nurture our sense of creative expression so we may apply this to all aspects of our lives. This means practising skills of listening, speaking, problem solving, lateral thinking, focus, role-play (empathy), team work and collaboration just to name a few! Some invaluable life skills!

+ Will there be performances?

Jar of Arts nurtures the growth of each individual at their pace and there will often be opportunities within workshops to showcase work and share your ideas when feeling confident. Showcases and performances to outside audiences will evolve should there be interest from participants. At this stage, there are no expectations for participants to commit to extra rehearsals for large performances.

+ Can I do a trial workshop?

Participants benefit from the culmination of skills across a term of work - but sometimes its nice to try things first! Trial workshops are available, simply click on the workshop you would like to try and purchase the trial rate. Invite some friends and have a go together!

Juggling commitments are tricky - we get it! That’s why late enrolments to the term are also available. The term packages are updated weekly to calculate the cost of remaining weeks for the term.

+ Can I enrol for just one term?

Absolutely! Programs are discrete and participants can build upon skills learnt from a previous term of work, or they can start a fresh. There is no expectation for a year long commitment.

+ Where, when and how long?

Term 3 Timetable:

Monday Afternoons (Casa Blanca Centre)

3:30-4:20pm: Daredevils (Y1-4) $85 for 8 weeks

4:30-5:15pm: VOCAL GROUP (Primary) $60 for 8 weeks

Saturday Mornings (Fitzgerald St Studio)

9:00-10:00am: Innovators (Year 5+) $95

+ What do I bring?

Yourself! We like to leave as much room in the studio for workshopping so a small bag if necessary. Comfortable clothing is essential. Participants must be able to move comfortably as needed. T-shirt and comfortable pants or shorts are recommended. (Students can participate barefoot, at their own risk)

+ Do parents stay for the workshop?

It would be appreciated if parents leave the studio promptly after sign in. While parents are very welcome to watch our workshop through the windows, please be considerate of students who may be nervous of an informal audience. We prepare a small and informal showcase of our work where parents are invited to be our audience.